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Space&Co.’s brand new flexible workspace at 32 Smith Street Parramatta combines the comfort and convenience of the home office, with the dynamism and buzz of shared workspaces.  

 blog – MARCH 2021


Michelle Land
Marketing and Customer Experience Manager, Space&Co.


Here’s a question for you: What sits at the heart of the city of Sydney?

Some might point to famous landmarks such as the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge, others to a particular skyscraper or the sundrenched sands of Bondi Beach.

While all iconic features in their own right, it might surprise you to learn the city’s actual epicentre sits some 25 kilometres west of the harbour foreshore, in the bustling metropolis of Parramatta.

They say ‘home is where the heart is’ and it’s an adage that rings true for the people of Parramatta.

For thousands of years, a rich tapestry of people and cultures have called the area home and played their part in making it the thriving social and economic hub it is today.

As with any good neighbourhood, new neighbours are always jostling to get in, and the team at Space&Co. is proud to be the latest addition to this community.

We’ve opened a modern new flexible workspace at 32 Smith Street Parramatta. Spanning two floors, the space honours the region’s vibrant heritage, culture and unique characteristics.

Let’s take a closer look at how.  


Rugby League aficionados will know Parramatta as ‘the home of the Eels’, a moniker that’s pretty close to its translation from the traditional language spoken in this region (the name derives from the Aboriginal word Burramatta, which means ‘the place where the eels lie down’).

The Burramatta people are a clan of the Darug people, Parramatta’s Traditional Custodians who have populated inland Sydney for over 60,000 years.

For the Darug, this country has long represented a land of promise and prosperity: nearby bushland was replete with wildlife and native bush foods, while the Parramatta river proved a bountiful fishing and trading area. Darug traditions, language and cultural practices have prevailed and today we recognise their resilience and beauty.

Acknowledging the traditional land owners and honouring a connection to country has been integral to the design of 32 Smith Street, and indeed Space&Co.’s new flexible workspace.

We’ve worked with the Darug community to include songlines, totems and reflections on the wetlands integral to culture and community in this region.

We are proud to now share custodianship of these cultural practices including an Acknowledgment of Country written in Darug language that greets all our visitors.  


A quick stroll down any high street in Greater Western Sydney will give you a sense of the vibrant, multicultural region it is today.

The mix of faces, restaurants, retailers and places of worship signal one of the most diverse cultural communities in the world.

Census data reveals that in Parramatta alone, three quarters of the population were born outside Australia. According to the stats, the most common countries of birth are India (29.8%), Australia (24.3%) China (12.0%), The Philippines (2.2%), South Korea (1.5%) and Nepal (1.5%).

It’s this cultural diversity that has propelled Parramatta’s economic growth and community expansion in recent years — so much so, it’s nearly impossible to imagine what the area would look like without it.

At Space&Co., our flexible workspace is designed with a similar philosophy in mind. We bring together a community of individuals, from a vast range of industry backgrounds, and create the space for them to thrive.

Our newest spaces at 32 Smith Street embody the diversity, dynamism and commitment to success you’ll find everywhere in Parramatta. It’s what brings our venues to life.


So what’s next for Parramatta? Considering the urban sprawl, booming population and a second international airport on its doorstep, it appears things will only continue to grow for “Sydney’s second CBD”.

It’s forecast Parramatta’s population will be over 487,000 people by 2041, with Greater Western Sydney on a similar trajectory. With growth comes opportunity, influence and innovation.

It’s a community the team at Space&Co. look forward to supporting in the years ahead, and a place we’re proud to call our home. 

Discover more about the space and its connection to local history.

Space&Co.’s brand new flexible workspace at 32 Smith Street Parramatta combines the comfort and convenience of the home office, with the dynamism and buzz of shared workspaces.  

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