Post-Covid Flexibility

Has the uptake in remote working caused you to re-think your office space? A flexible work environment could be the solution. Read up on how Space&Co. is embracing the shift to hybrid working. 

 blog – may 2021


Michelle Land
Marketing and Customer Experience Manager, Space&Co.

Capturing the Now and Future of Work

After a year spent navigating the highs and lows of remote working, the picture of how, where and with whom we work has changed — possibly forever.

While some have relished the quiet solitude of the home office, others are craving the buzz and banter of a shared space.

Whatever your preference, you’ll likely agree having the flexibility to choose is an important part of the now and future of work.

So exactly how flexible will we become?

Research by McKinsey & Company predicts that in the long-term, 20-25 percent of workers in advanced economies could be away from the office three or more days a week — that’s four to five times more remote work than before the pandemic!

“COVID-19 has catapulted the conversation around flexible working to a whole new level of adoption and acceptance,” says Shey Hooper, National Director at Space&Co.

“From a business perspective, that flexibility really comes to the fore when thinking about how employers organise their workforce going forward, and that leads them to look closely at their workspaces.”

With this in mind, let’s explore the characteristics of a modern workspace and how they come to life across Space&Co.’s venues.


If you combine the creature comforts of home with technology like high-speed internet, cloud computing and video conferencing, the case for heading back to the office might not seem all that compelling.

But when it comes to modern workspaces, it shouldn’t be an either/or situation. Hybrid work environments are fast becoming the new norm.

“It’s important to recognise that the value proposition of the office has changed,” says Shey.

“While many people still enjoy the feeling of sitting down at a workstation, we’re finding the biggest draw for coming back to the office is the capacity to connect and collaborate face-to-face, in spaces that allow teams to thrive.”

To cater to this changing dynamic, Space&Co.’s newest venture at 32 Smith Street Parramatta has a whole floor dedicated to meeting, collaboration and connection space.

The area is saturated with technology and comfortable, ultra-modern finishes to create a functional and highly collaborative environment.

“We're actually taking a much larger footprint in the building, such that we provide more choice in terms of the type of work you want to do and where you could do it,” says Shey.

Appropriate distancing has been factored into both levels with plenty of space to move around. In addition, Space&Co. has put a premium on hygiene and cleanliness to keep the areas safe. 


The increase in remote working has major implications for society’s once bustling business hubs, according to the McKinsey & Company report.

Suddenly, business owners are recognising the drawbacks of being locked into a lengthy lease agreement at a time when employees want more flexible working arrangements.

“Many businesses are really leaning into this discussion and realising that traditional thinking about workspace is out of step nowadays,” says Shey.

COVID-19 proved a valuable time for businesses looking to experiment with new, hybrid ways of working. For many, flexible work environments, like Space&Co. were a first port-of-call.

“We found that people were seeking us out because they yearned for time to bring their teams back together, but they did want it in a really flexible way,” says Shey.

“Space&Co. is positioned well in that we're very agile and we're able to adapt and offer all sorts of new membership arrangements that meet that flexibility.”

Explore flexible membership plans and available spaces

The flexibility to choose how and where we work is fast becoming a requisite for many professions. 

Space&Co.’s brand new flexible workspace at 32 Smith Street Parramatta combines the comfort and convenience of the home office, with the dynamism and buzz of shared workspaces.  

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