Space&Co. response to COVID-19

Keeping our community safe while enabling members to continue to run their businesses is of paramount importance to us.

Space&Co. is dedicated to ensuring our venues are not only compliant with government regulations and safe work practices but also that our members feel safe and secure when working within our venues.

Our team continues to adapt and respond to new information and changes, monitoring advice from Safe Work Australia, the public health authorities and Federal and State governments.

As leaders of the community we have implemented a number of necessary measures to accommodate the wellbeing of our members in the new working environment.

Health Policy

Strict adherence to our health policy is required for all members and guests in order to keep everyone safe. To ensure the safety of our team & community all members & guests will be required to answer three questions before they enter our space:

1. Have you returned from overseas in the last 14 days?

2. Have you been in contact with anyone who has been overseas in the last 14 days, or is suspected, or confirmed to have Coronavirus?

3. Are you feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms or have you had a temperature?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please return home and seek medical advice.


Through our partnership with GPT, Space&Co. provides premium cleaners across all venues, using products which have been assessed and qualified to eliminate virus on exposure. Hygiene and disinfecting products are also available to our members, guests and staff. 

Cleaning frequency has been increased to include:

  • Evening clean of all common spaces completed daily
  • Lunchtime clean of all touchpoints completed daily
  • ​Deep clean of all common spaces completed weekly

Physical & Social Distancing

Signage and posters are displayed throughout the venue to guide members and remind them about the importance of social distancing and the measures that are necessary to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

The Space&Co. design has meant that well before we even knew about Social Distancing, we were ready. Our venues are designed to provide generosity of space.

  • Kitchen


    Changes have been introduced across the kitchen to keep the space safe and clean, including: 
    • Provision of sustainable, disposable kitchen items including cutlery and cups
    • The removal of cloth towels and replacement with paper disposable towels
    • Individually wrapped tea, coffee and sugar.
  • Communal Areas

    Communal Areas

    The capacity of areas such as libraries, lounges and booths have been reduced based on Safe Work
    Australia guidelines of 4 m2 per person.

    • The capacity is displayed on signage in the rooms or on the tables
  • Guests & Customer Service Desk

    Guests & Customer Service Desk

    All guests must check-in at the customer service desk and review our Health Policy before entering and respond accordingly.
  • Cafes'


    Cafes on Space&Co. floors will be required to adhere to the Hospitality Industry Guidelines for COVID-19.

Building & Amenities

GPT has in place precautionary measures across all assets as guided by Safe Work Australia, public health authorities and the State and Federal governments.​​

This includes measures relating to common area cleaning, the flow of traffic though the building lobby, end of trip facilities, hand sanitiser stations, social distancing within the lifts and GPT’s COVID-19 Response Procedures.​

Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms will remain available for members and external guests to book via LiquidSpace.  

  • Our meeting room capacity has been reduced based on Safe Work Australia guidelines of 4 sqm per person. Capacity numbers are available via LiquidSpace and displayed on room signage 
  • ​The Safe Work Australia recommendation is also to keep face to face meetings under two hours
  • Increased cleaning is in place to sanitise all touch point surfaces such as tables, markers, TV, remote control, AC control & door handles.

COVID-19 Response Plan

We have altered the environment within all our venues to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and create a safe place for members to conduct their business. However, in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, we have created a response plan to identify, protect and re-open.

To ensure the safety of our team & community all cases will be required to adhere to the following :

1. Seek and follow medical advice immediately

2. Notify Space&Co. as quickly as possible

3. Adhere to any necessary isolation periods

4. Under the Safe Work Guidelines, Space&Co. have the right to request written medical clearance prior to returning to our venues.


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