Our purpose is to give your business the space it needs to grow. Your business’ needs are at the heart and soul of all our decisions. From venue location to work space design and management we consider the fundamental needs of our members to offer spaces that allow you to focus on the important parts of your business.

Space&Co.’s success is intertwined with the success of our members, as they grow so do we. Because of this, we strive to be the best flexible workspace offering for small to medium businesses and corporate teams.

Member wellness is a must for us at Space&Co, whilst we want to offer you a space to grow; we understand the importance of offering a variety of light filled work areas to sit, plug in and get your best work done. Health and wellness facilities are offered in all of our spaces, and we aspire to offer a warm and welcoming environment for our members.

We are proud of the authentic, unique and thriving community within Space&Co., where strong, genuine working relationships are built through relaxed interactions. We offer member engagement activities that cater to everyone in our community and appreciate that our members are looking for both a professional and enjoyable place to work.


Space&Co. holds true to The GPT Group’s DNA, building its business around the value of recognising the community of interest between staff, owners, members and the community. We have the advantage of being able to draw from over 45 years of experience, innovation and the pursuit of developing socially relevant business communities.

We have a strong team whose heads and hearts are full of passion, who value honesty, integrity and authenticity. It is because of these values that we have a unique culture that lives within Space&Co, A culture that is brought to life through the everyday interactions with our members and everyone who steps foot through our doors. This is what has allowed us to grow and develop our business to allow for you to grow and develop yours.


  • DANIEL STIFFE, National Director

    Daniel is the Space&Co. National Director. He resides in Sydney however, spends a lot of time in Melbourne keeping an eye on the Curators.

    He was previously an accountant meaning he loves to whip up an excel spreadsheet or 5. He is approachable and knowledgeable when it comes to Space&Co.

    Daniel spends his time outside of the world of Space&Co. with his family having a laugh making memories, playing soccer and spending time with his friends.

    His favourite thing about Space&Co. is the creative side of it, seeing ideas come into fruition is the most rewarding part.

  • ELLIS GARDNER, Business Development Executive

    Ellis is known for her wonderfully loud infectious laugh and terrible jokes.

    Ellis loves being creative, whether it be making up song lyrics or making jewelry outside of work with her sisters.

    Ellis enjoys the sales aspect of her role; she is in her element when she is dealing with hot leads. She can also be found updating the Space&Co. social media accounts mainly Facebook and Instagram. She is proud of her record 50 Likes!

    She loves the interaction with her members and the relationships she has built with everyone in her space, that’s what keeps her coming to work day after day

  • MEGAN ENGELHARDT, Workspace Manager

    Megan is the Workspace Manager for Melbourne Central Tower, outside of keeping level 9 and 12 of 360 Elizabeth St in shape she loves for dancing & spending time with her family and friends.

    Megan loves putting systems, procedures and processes in place for the Space&Co team; she is known to whip up a great template in record time. This is no joke.

    Megan’s love for food means she is our go-to girl for the low down on the hip new bars and restaurants around Melbourne.

    Her favourite part about her job is the people she has met along the way, the members she has within her space are the reason she comes in to work with a smile on her face and a pep in her step.

  • MARIA GEAGEA, Workspace Coordinator

    Maria is our 530 George St Curator, she is always happy to help with a smile on her face. Literally!

    She is a whizz when it comes to accounts and isn’t too bad at making cocktails for our members either.

    She loves to spend time with her family and friends outside of work and frequents the gym! Watch out.

  • BETTINA WOODWARD, Business Manager

    Bettina is the Space&Co. Business Manager, she resides in Sydney and is always great to have a chat with.

    She loves yoga and chasing the sun and is all about health and wellbeing.

    Bettina loves engaging with our members at our functions and enjoys getting to know who the members are within each of our venues.

  • CARLOS HERNANDEZ, Workspace Coordinator

    Carlos will sweep you away with his generous spirit and kind nature. With his Venezuelan background he is known for his helpful nature and renowned for the absolutely delicious treats he bakes, Yum!

    He is new to Melbourne and very excited to be taking this exciting step in his career.


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