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580 George Street

Level 2, 580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
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Rouse Hill Town Centre

Level 1, 10-14 Market Lane
Rouse Hill Town Centre, NSW 2155
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Our co working office spaces in Sydney offer the perfect environment, one that you would love to visit daily.

Our 580 George Street Space&Co. co working space is found within a premium grade GPT building in the heart of the CBD. This office space is in the perfect location for those who find themselves catching public transport to and from the office everyday as the Town Hall train station is right next door. 580 George Street Space&Co. is right amongst the business, cultural and entertainment hubs of Sydney CBD. It is built on 3 levels of retail outlets offering anything from medical to fashion.

Rouse Hill Space&Co. is a city within a city found in the middle of Rouse Hill Town Centre and is conveniently positioned close to growth channels in the west. The location is convenient and close to everything you need including amenities, entertainment, shopping and much more. With an abundance of parking and transport options, you’ll find yourself located in a well maintained neighbourhood destination where the commute to and from the office is no longer an issue.