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We simplify everything with flexible private workspaces and shared environments. Leave the complex leasing and the fit-outs to us.

Our team of workplace experts combine rich customer insights, leading technology and design-thinking to create spaces geared for success. Let us do the thinking for you.

Experience first

Count on us for seamless service and exceptional quality, where choice meets flexibility, creating a dynamic workplace tailored just for you. Make a meaningful impact in spaces that strive for the highest sustainability performance so you can be confident your workplace aligns with your values. 

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge design every day while enjoying the best of what the city has to offer.
Partner with us in shaping forward-thinking experiences that embrace wellness, community, technology and sustainability.

Explore your possibilities at one of our easily accessible locations.


Why GPT Space&Co

  • Thrive with Flexible Work Experiences

    In a shifting business world, we offer the choice and flexibility to keep you ahead of the game. Our variety of workspace solutions, from private to shared environments, means you can evolve as your business does.


    Our dedication to flexibility goes beyond the ordinary, providing you with secure, round-the-clock building access. With the market leading space per person ratio, we give you the room and freedom to thrive.

  • Real space to grow?

    Our roomy workspaces, designed for a premium feel, are strategically positioned in prime CBD spots.

    Unlock your team's potential with our accessible, high-end facilities. Customise your space dynamically to keep pace with market shifts and exceed customer expectations.

    Join us at the pulse of major cities, immersing yourself in urban vibrancy. Instantly connect with top-notch dining, destination retail, and everyday conveniences. It's the place your team craves!

  • Offering Seamless Service. No strings attached

    Experience streamlined service, all-inclusive spaces. Security, internet, and transparent contracts for your peace of mind. Join a vibrant community of like-minded go-getters for inspiring networking opportunities. Green-rated spaces align with your values.


    Let us handle details, freeing you to focus on shaping forward-thinking experiences in wellness, community, tech, and sustainability.

  • Cutting edge design

    We combine design thinking and leading tech to create flexible workspaces geared for success. With superior offerings and a variety of considered work environments, these are spaces that help drive a strong team culture. Fully fitted and ready to elevate your business.

What our members are saying

We could not recommend Space&Co. any higher, the experience cannot be faulted.

Having recently relocated to Space&Co. in Southbank, we couldn’t be more impressed. From the sensational views across Melbourne to the spacious and modern interiors, Space&Co. delivers an inspiring collaborative working experience.

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Socialising spaces available to both tenants and the public on the ground floor.

CloudSense moved into Space&Co Elizabeth Street in November 2017. The office space is light and bright with lots of plant life and big windows. We particularly enjoy the flexibility on offer when we have more of our team members onsite. There are lots of telephone booths for private calls and break-out areas which encourage collaboration. The management team are very responsive and helpful and no problem is too trivial.

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But Space&Co. is next level, from the fit out, the meeting rooms, cosharing spaces and you could not fault the management

We’ve been enjoying the benefits of coworking spaces since we started up a Melbourne office over 4 years ago. Ian has been exemplary.

Oh, and the champagne that’s part of free bar doesn’t go astray!

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We are proud to be a part of this vibrant co-working community.

As a cafe owner, the dream is to create a service and space that has a true sense of community and purpose. We’re proud to say that Little Bang Espresso at Space&Co. is one of those coffee shops! It’s a place where our customers feel a sense of belonging and where they can conduct business or meet for social catch-ups.
The panoramic views of the city, partnered with quality coffee and beverages, all contribute to the uniqueness of this space.

5 Bean rating for Space&Co..

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Space&Co. exerts a vibrant and ambient atmosphere within it’s working space.

The facilities and amenities are well thought out, and are accommodating to the comfort of the tenants. The interior is excellently designed, with additional meeting, work and socialising spaces available to both tenants and the public on the ground floor. These spaces not only endear a highly professional look but also encapsulate a modern and clean design, making it a great place to takes clients or meet with colleagues outside of the usual office space.

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Shared office space was the obvious choice and within that search Space&Co. was the clear leader.

We are a country launch within a 90 year global brand. Our office needs span professional services with the flexibility of a start-up. After a year with Space&Co. our assessment hasn’t changed, the people, services and facilities are exceptional.

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It’s modern and professional office fit out has great working spaces for any occasion.

At SFG we have found the Space&Co. co-working offices to be fabulous and an excellent fit for our business. The flexibility in being able to cater for more staff as we grow is invaluable. The Space&Co. concierge staff also provide excellent service and no task is ever too difficult. I would highly recommend Space&Co. offices not only for its excellent work environment but also for it’s premium city locations.

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Space&Co. were able to meet our special requirements whilst offering flexibility.

We have been tenants in Space&Co, 2 Southbank Boulevard since it opened in September 2019. As an Architecture firm, the size of the workstations and ability to customise the IT Infrastructure is incredibly important. Having such an efficient and caring management team working for Space&Co. gives the feeling they are an extension of our team and vice versa. I would recommend Space&Co. to any business looking to work in an office space where they can deliver quality work in a well- designed workspace, have a laugh with the management and not have to worry about the finer details.

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