We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our memberships. If you have a question that we have not been able to answer, we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact us form and a member of our team will be in touch.


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Are the meeting rooms included in the membership and how do I track the use of this?

Yes, all of our venues have a wide range of meeting rooms, boardrooms, workshop studios, private phone rooms and break out booths that are included in a Space&Co. membership. All of our meeting rooms can be booked on an online platform called LiquidSpace, and we manage this through a fair use policy.

Can I use space in other Space&Co. venues?

Yes, this is as simple as you arranging this directly with your onsite Workspace Coordinator. You will have access to our venues in Melbourne and Sydney.

Does a Space&Co. membership include the cost of utilities?

Water, air conditioning, heat, electricity, and Internet are all paid for by Space&Co. and are included in the cost of your monthly membership.

If required, can I obtain additional space after moving into the venue?

Yes. As our memberships are monthly, Space&Co. members are given the opportunity to discuss additional space requirements with our team to suit your needs at any time throughout your tenure with Space&Co.

What additional costs are there per month?

None. We are an all-inclusive offering that gives you fair and reasonable access to all of the amenities Space&Co has to offer. This gives you certainty on cost and simplifies your forecasting.

What are the different types of memberships available at Space&Co.?

We offers four plans to our members. Below are the details of each membership type
  • Day Pass* : Workspace in open plan
  • Casual* : Three (3) days a week — workstation in open plan workspace
  • Open Plan Desk : Permanent dedicated workstation in open plan workspace
  • Studio Office : Fully secure lockable office with bespoke inbuilt storage
  • Private Office : Fully secure and private lockable office
* Available at select venues

What type of businesses will I be sitting aside?

You’ll find yourself immersed among a mix of entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and large corporations.

What size are your workstations?

Width 750mm, length 1,400mm.

How many m2 do you offer per person?

We operate on an average of 8m2 per person.

What is included with the office?

We offer a secure space with large custom built workstations, ergonomic office chairs and enough space for you to bring in your storage units and plants.

Can I list my company signage?

Yes of course, we encourage companies to have their own identity within our venues and can help you with sourcing a supplier.

Can I make modifications to my office?

Yes, we want to work with you to find the best solution for your requirements and we will assist and offer support where needed.

Can I style my office?

Yes of course, we love seeing how our members style their offices to represent their brand.

My IT and security

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What can you offer me with my high security requirements?

We can offer a secure internet solution and assist you in setting it up. We have locks on all office doors and swipe card control systems throughout our venues. We work to assist you in ticking off your security requirements and nothing is ever a ‘no’.

What can you offer other than Wi-Fi?

We work with a great team who manage our Wi-Fi and Internet. They assist us in providing our members with exactly what you need. Whether that be to have your own secure network within our physical network infrastructure or configured network ports to operate from data outlets at your desk rather than Wi-Fi. Our venues are set up with split racks to ensure maximum security for your data.


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